18 year old dating 26 year old dating age gap psychology

in scotland at 16 you can date any age over 16 so why when im 15 is it such a big deal?

go for it older guys are way better than little school boys : P just be careful your not stupid so just go with it.

In prison he can look forward to being raped by big gnarly dudes daily and worse, is that the future you want for this guy?

Need be, have someone go with you if you go out somewhere.

Tell him to go down to the police department and apply for a permit.

They will have him sign a sworn statement and issue him a felony immunity card.

i bet he is way more of a gentleman than any of the little school boys?

haha good luck ;) xi just turned 14 and I have dated a 30 year old I was with him for 1 year and 2 mths then I left him and I got together with a 26 year old I love him and I have never felt the way I feel with him I can talk to him and he understands me he talks to me and I understand him we get each other I love him and he is not just in it for sex I dont like these studied school boys to tell you the truth I like older guys they are more of a gentleman and yes he is in the military so u cant say nothing studied he was married but he got a divorce and im the first girl he has gone out with tat is younger then him I dont see why people think age is such a BIG think okay he lived longer then me and your point is......I got to say is age aint nothing but a number and if you love him go for it girlz I hate this law of under the age shit if you agree post something if u dont tell me and post something..14 and very mature for my age I dont even look my age ha, But I only date guys 21 and older... People dont understand that it's the other way around sometimes teen boys want you all for sex older guys that are more mature want to get to know you.

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