1st anniversary dating ideas him

Go dancing When was the last time you danced the night away, cheek to cheek, like you did on your wedding day?

Find a hotel that holds dinner dance nights, and book in for the night.

Go out separately and get three movies each that you think your partner will love and spend a weekend watching them.

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Take a dream vacation If it’s a really big anniversary milestone, then make it super special by booking a dream holiday together.

For some reason people tend to assume that men have to do all the planning when it comes to an anniversary.

However, women are just as involved in the relationship as guys and should be equally responsible for the anniversary’s success.

10 Romantic, cute and fun anniversary date ideas There’s nothing wrong with dinner and a movie on your anniversary, but there are more memorable things that you can do and it doesn’t have to be very expensive, either.

To help you create a special night to remember, here are ten ideas for a romantic and fun date to celebrate your next anniversary:1.

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