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Mehl next wants to tease apart whether the content of the conversations matters (i.e. more general conversation) and he wants to measure whether deep conversation can make a person happier.

(Building on the seminal research of his doctoral advisor, Dr.

Participants also completed the Big Five Inventory.

(That's openness, conscientiousness, extroversion, agreeableness, neuroticism.)Researchers confirmed what others have already established: The less time people spend alone, the greater their sense of well-being.

James Pennebaker, about the benefits of personal disclosure in writing.)Still, there are a couple of particular lessons we can take from this preliminary research.

One is that it is good for us to push past our solitary nature to connect with other people.

Rather, it is the inability to connect with others that leaves people unhappy and socially isolated.

Based on nearly 30 years of teaching and writing on the subject of small talk and conversation, I maintain that small talk is an important communication skill to bridge the gap between strangers and is a prerequisite for more substantive conversations.

For this research, 79 undergraduates were wired with a gizmo that recorded 30 seconds of sound every 12.5 minutes during waking hours.In conclusion, I agree that small talk is often socially necessary, but at the same time suggest that for some people, namely introverts, it is hard work and often not enjoyable. It shows the that there is a world of subtle subconscious interaction, particularly with the third item. Unfortunately, the skill doesn't always seem to be primed and ready to go, and I'm not sure if that's a matter of energy reserve (or is it reserved energy?), or if it's a matter of needing more practice (for which there is limited energy).In addition, small talk serves at least three critical roles to create meaningful conversations and relationships: 1.It shows we are willing to communicate and demonstrates our conversation styles. It allows for an informal exchange of basic information that includes experiences, values, attitudes and common interests. It encourages rapport and trust, two prerequisites for deeper conversations.

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