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‘I also don’t believe there is such a thing as a coincidence. But from a purely selfish point of view, the comfort is scant. To talk about him is the past tense is gut-wrenching. It’s all those tiny things; the smell of his Trumper’s aftershave.

I believe everything is supposed to happen.’From Ayesha, Annabel, Mummy, Simon and the rest of us. They would talk about India (his real home – he never really loved London or New York) and elephants and endless ecological schemes. If there is any comfort to be had from the death of this universally adored, remarkable man, it’s this: he felt no pain after the fall, went out on a high, having just raised over a million dollars for Elephant Family.

At St Michael's Mount, the garden cling to the granite cliff face and for many visitors it is astonishing that a garden exists at all.

This season we are placing a spotlight on our unique cliff-side seaside garden. Whether it's a summer treat or a winter warmer, the Sail Loft and Island Café cater for all tastes and occasions.

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Still home to the St Aubyn family as well as a small community, this iconic rocky island is crowned by a medieval church and castle - with the oldest buildings dating from the 12th century.A dead arm, or a head flushed down the loo were some of the punishments – or the threat of being made to walk around the village, knocking at every door. He saw money (and he’d be the first to admit that matters of finance were hardly his strong suit) as a way of helping others – elephants and human beings alike.His Christmas presents were legendary – Nintendo Game Boys, Rambo water machine-guns, huge Swiss Army penknives.But it's entirely up to you which ticket you choose.If you want the Standard Admission instead, just let us know when you come to pay.

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