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Once launched, the Trojan attempts to gain access to the Accessibility Service, which it uses to independently add itself to the list of device administrators.

Then it changes the PIN code that unlocks the screen, encrypts the user’s files (photos, videos, documents, music, etc.) and displays a message containing a ransom demand.

These programs allowed users to change the external appearance of characters in the mobile version of the popular game Minecraft.

Once launched, the Trojan covertly connected to a remote command center and then, using the SOCKS protocol, established a connection with a network address.

The intensive mining process could cause infected mobile devices to experience decreased performance and overheat, and their batteries to drain faster.

Several SMS Trojans distributed via Google Play were among the malicious applications found in the past month.

As before, cybercriminals are trying to spread Trojans via Google Play and continue to refine their malicious programs.

Doctor Web recommends that smartphone and tablet owners install Dr.

Web for Android to protect their mobile devices from Trojans and other unwanted programs.

When ordered by cybercriminals, it offered mobile users different applications for download and installation. Features of family Trojans that were also detected on Google Play in November.

They extracted and launched a hidden malicious component that would also extract resources from its file and run another Trojan component.

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