Aitken science based dating in archaeology

His best-known book, Science-based Dating in Archaeology (1990), became the standard undergraduate text on the subject.

In 1962, Martin organized a day meeting for archaeologists who had purchased proton magnetometers, which became an annual meeting. In retirement he and his wife moved to a house near Clermont Ferrand in France. D., and Winter, M., 1988, Determination of the intensity of the Earths magnetic-field during archaeological times - reliability of the Thellier technique, , 26, 23-25. An account of his contribution to the subject was published in 1990, following his retirement from RLAHA in 1989 (Sayre, E. S., 1990, On the retirement of Teddy Hall and Martin Aitken, 32, 3–6). J., Sirocko, F., Anderson, R., and Leuschner, D., 2003, Alternative chronologies for Late Quaternary (Last Interglacial-Holocene) deep sea sediments via optical dating of silt-sized quartz, , 31, 77-87. From the 1960s he was involved in the development of thermoluminescence dating (TL), to date ceramic materials such as pottery, brick and tiles. C., 1976, Dating a settlement pattern by thermoluminescence - burnt mounds of Orkney, Archaeometry, 18, 5-17. J., 1976, Thermoluminescent age evaluation and assessment of error limits - revised system, (ed. He further developed the method by using blue/green light or infrared radiation instead of heat.

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