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We see this from two perspectives: (1) from our clients who relay their bad experiences with other marriage agencies and (2) from our own direct encounter with international marriage agencies.

This Philippine marriage agency website stole most of its content and design from International Introductions website.

But instead you try to defend your position, not from a moral ground, but a legal one.

This does not speak well for the integrity of your company.

Many days later they changed “exotic” to “erotic” (how clever).

The theft is documented and archived on The Internet Archive website.

It was frustrating to go all the way to Colombia to meet women and then just end up sitting in an office meeting no one.” Now read the original customer complaint from this Latin women forum where the quote was derived: Unfortunately for this unhappy client of Barranquilla Best´s not only was the statement about them and only them, but the one and only Latin woman he met scammed him for money, as noted in his later post.Whois information is public, but in response to some people wanting to keep their contact information private, many domain name Registrars offer a "privacy" or "proxy" service to mask the domain name owner. The prevalence of dishonesty, fraud, and neglectful service from international marriage agencies is very high.But this did not stop Barranquilla´s Best continued admiration of International Introductions.We have a webpage called “Throwing Money Away” where we take quotes primarily from various Latin women forums on customer experiences using other marriage agencies.

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