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“We’re well suited to address one of those phobias specifically: erotophobia, or fear of sex,” Glider says.“Whether the result of religious upbringing or poor sex ed in our school systems, there are a lot of people with a negative view of sex. Be still your cock, for the these sex-crazed starlets will make your balls flutter with a mere the slip of a tongue: they're definitely in charge. Katrina Jade and Marley Brinx arrive wrapped tight and white in Virtual Reality for you, but don't let the celestial appearance of the angelic beauties fool you; its contrast to their sexual appetite is stark.They'll suck you and fuck you in ways you've never imagined, and when they turn their tongues on each other, your balls will be teased and aching for more.These are your Super Sluts giving you a super-slutty experience.Save your jizz until the end for these Super Sluts, because they're saving the day. Make sure you know just what you're getting into when you say 'yes' to Marley Brinx and Katrina Jade in Super Sluts.These starlets may look dainty at first glance, but you'll soon find out they're nothing but.

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Curvaceous and all-naturale, she unleashes her big ass and big natural tits upon you while the equally-horny Marley goes begins on your dick. These tattooed, snow-skinned beauties will tease and please you without limits, sucking on one another's toes and eating their pussies as your big dick gets the preferential treatment.

Maurice Op de Beek, CTO of Kiiroo, says this makes for a very realistic experience as the user’s brain starts assimilating the body parts in the movie when feeling and vision are in sync.

“Couples can use Kiiroo devices and instructional VR videos from Badoink to explore new aspects of their sexuality in a fun and interactive way,” de Beek says.

Right now it depends on what technology is available for rental first.

He says the goal is to get the series out in time for the March 24 launch of Facebook’s 0 Oculus Rift Consumer Edition.

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