Amy winehouse dating anyone

It didn’t help that, in 2008, Blake did an interview with admitting Amy tried heroin for the first time with him.

He thought he was doing a noble thing, taking the blame off her; He thought he might save her career.

At the 50th annual Grammy Awards in 2008, Amy Winehouse cleaned up in more ways than one.

Having been in the grip of a gargantuan crack cocaine and heroin addiction for most of the previous two years, the British soul singer had been forced into kicking the habit by her label for the music industry’s big night.

I just thought, ' Let's talk about music, see what she likes.' She said she liked to go out to bars and clubs and play snooker with her boyfriend and listen to the Shangri-Las.

So she played me some of those records, which turned into a crash course in girl-group productions. I told her that I had nothing to play her right now but if she let me work on something overnight she could come back tomorrow.

She had a pocket flap tattooed just above her heart that read “Blake’s,” while he had “A-M-Y” behind his right ear.“I’m happy that she’s moving on with her life.” MORE: Will it be a good year for Winehouse?“He (Traviss) is a decent guy with his feet firmly on the ground,” another source close to the couple told The Sun.“I can understand how it looks dodgy,” he admitted.“How ashamed do you think I am that I stepped over the body and legged it down the street?

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