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I can only be grateful to the people who have taught me and made me grow. My Facebook fanpage( https:// ) was on its way to hitting 80,000 likes on that very day and I figured that I should reciprocate the love that everyone has been showering me with!

18 years of being in this world; seeing, learning, feeling and experiencing so much. These are some of the things Kweerkee is selling now… You can still do your submission online here: This will ends on 28 Feb! ^^Ok, time to dedicate my loveeeeeee~As I’m not very good in Art, I spent a loooong time cracking my brains on what to draw (at the same time posing for pictures :p) and then, I had an idea! TGX 2012 will be held from 7th-9th of September at Singapore Expo Hall 5.

The whole movie was filmed in Singapore and it features some of the city's well-known landmarks: Orchard Road, Singapore Art Museum (SAM), Bugis Village, and Scape Youth Park in Somerset, to name just a few.

Director Steve Cheng commented, "Singapore is rather peaceful, so there are fewer acts of violence here as compared to in Hong Kong.

When I first got up to stage and saw all of you there waiting for me, I felt a surge of emotions rush up my body. And the best way to easily snap a picture is by using my hand phone. Food, pretty places, pictures with my friends, my pets and all sorts of interesting things I see! ^^To me, my photos in my phone are like a form of diary and memory that I can keep with me everywhere I go. :(In my recent project with Norton, I had the chance to use their new product, Norton 360 Multi-Device. Who would like a stranger snooping around your private things? :p And…the person who’s got your phone will have a scare of his/her life! ^^ Went up on stage for a little chit chat and let everyone have a better insight on TGX2012! ) :p And of course, all of them answered correctly~ (: Finally, it was time for the event that I was highly anticipating!! There will be MORE FUN at the Mall Tour from THIS Friday to Sunday, 24th to 26th August, again at Funan Digita Life Mall.

And the good news is Samsung set a new Singapore record for the “Most number of personalized messages projected on a screen”!!!! It was endorsed by the Singapore Book of Records, the record was set at the “Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1 LTE Love Mobile” when the 200th personalized love message was projected on a big screen. On a side note, My dear KIMCHIS who came down to draw their love dedications with me!!!! ♥ This is why I dedicate my love to all of you~~ Last but not least… So anyway, thought I’d share some of my favorite dishes with you! I generally like all flavors of the cheesy crumble! My brother ordered the Meatball which I kept stealing!! As you can see, my pasta choice has always been fussili! You’ll be able to see so many cosplayers in their best get-up! (Most of the contestants even bring their own keyboard and mouse!! ) Yi Xi and I then headed backstage to get ourselves prepared for the launch.. :’( The fighting scenes were shot amazing and cinematography was so good! I headed down to Funan Digita Life mall as TGX2012’s ambassador for my very first mall tour appearance. ♥♥♥And of course, anyone who was around the vicinity and came down for TGX2012’s mall tour, thank you!Order any of their signature dishes and you can top up an appetizer/dessert and a carafe for only .50! Lastly, I did a shoot for Pasta Mania last week and here’s a little sneak preview on what you’ll see soon at all Pasta Mania outlets!! )Look out for me on your next visit to Pasta Mania!! ) Talking about TGX2012 on stage with Kim-Chun-Li and Yi Xi as Jin-Roh as background! All the game playing requires energy…so here we go, all of us gulping down the ice cold red bull!! Like how much knowledge and hard work is put into coming up with and designing a game. Thank you DRAGON NEST so much for the limited edition game plushies!! I had tons of fun at TGX2012 with everyone present! FINALS for the gaming competitions will be held and of course, COS X!!! :( So, head down TOMORROW if you haven’t visited TGX2012 yet! ♥ The official launch of TGX2012 happened yesterday at around 10am at Singapore EXPO Hall 5!! :p A group photo before we started the tour around the booths! I heard so much about Dragon Nest from Yi Xi but I have never tried it before so, they gave me a chance to play!! So there’s 3 people in one team challenging the other… Plus the game characters and the game scene is super pretty! ^^After charging up, we continued playing computer and i Pad games at the other booths! It was a pity that COS X was not held yesterday though.. ^^ With Addison Kang, vice-president and producer of Shanda Games International!! And it was a first time for me to see such a huge platform for gaming competitions. TGX2012, SINGAPORE EXPO HALL 5, 7th - 9th of September, 10am - 8pm! If you had seen the current I-weekly’s supplement cover, you would have seen Yixi and I in our cosplay get-up once again!!!

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