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"It has to be something we all agree upon so we know what it means."I stood there unsure how to engage. One man standing off to the side turned to me and said, "I think this proves how mature everyone with a Vive is." It was the first time in Altspace that I felt camaraderie. But right now it feels like Altspace's problems stem as much from the user base as from the app's feature set.Later on that session I began chatting with a couple other women in the room. "My first experience in Altspace was some idiot poking his Vive controller into every Avatar's mouth while repeating the mantra ' In your mouth' for an hour," one user on Reddit.You can, however, return to older versions of the app – Bitstrips or Bitmoji Classic (formerly Bitmoji) – through the Settings menu.Snapchat’s augmented reality features have long been a huge draw for users, and the launch of 3D Friendmoji Deluxe aims to build on that.I think Altspace has tremendous potential, provided it can build the right community and facilitate more meaningful connections.VR has been derided as the ultimate solitary experience, but despite the crass welcome and middle school humor, Altspace proves that VR has the ability to be a powerful connector of people.Join here for the latest on how people are making money – and how they're losing it.

Musician and artist Reggie Watts will be putting on a live concert in Altspace tonight, and the platform regularly hosts comedy nights.Unfortunately, these interactions were sandwiched in between men making jokes about gang rape and pretending to give each other blow jobs. "You just have to avoid the creeps and if anyone annoys you just block them, or get someone like James. It added an easy blocking tool that renders your avatar invisible to offending users.When I stepped into the Altspace last Saturday evening, a group of men with HTC Vives were discussing the best way to give each other the finger, given the fact that they didn't have hands."We need a universal sign we can do with our controllers, since we don't have fingers," one said. James is like my big brother here." James is a friendly Irish man who explained to me that he likes to look out for others, especially women on the platform, and hates when "a few" bad actors ruin the experience. Harassment, cyberbullying and lewd and unwanted advances all violate Altspace's community guidelines and, if reported, can swiftly get a user suspended or terminated.In the future, I imagine I'll be able to chat with my real-life friends about my pop culture interests within Altspace.The platform does allow for friends to share experiences or hang out in private rooms, but right now none of my girlfriends have headsets.

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