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That was the first indication that he was a genuine bugler.There is such a shortage of buglers now—ushered in by a confluence of death, including waves of World War II and Korea veterans, the first ranks of aging Vietnam veterans, and the nearly four thousand men and women killed in Iraq—that the military has been forced to employ bands of make-believe musicians for the graveside playing of taps.He set aside the sod and then eased a small Kubota backhoe off his trailer and onto a couple of large sheets of plywood he'd laid down to protect the surrounding ground and the vaults beneath it.The plywood creaked when he anchored the machine and pushed the teeth of the scoop into the dirt.

The soldiers from Fort Knox removed the casket from the hearse and set it on the lowering device over the openmouthed burial vault.

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Don Collins stood in the sun and mapped out in his mind a rectangle on the grass, eight feet by three feet.

Six of the soldiers, including Huber, then assembled in two rows between the grave and where they knew the hearse would park.

The extra rifleman remained with the weapons, and the noncom in charge, thirty-seven-year-old Sergeant Kenneth Dawson, stood at attention nearby.

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