Brandy and maks dating 2016

"I forgot how much you’re involved in things other than just your partner." He said he is doing his best with a "partner that isn’t as dance-able as we all thought she’d be, but she has an amazing work ethic and gives me the time that I ask for." Following last week's on-air scare, when anti-Ryan Lochte protesters interrupted the live show, Peta confirmed the show has told her security will be enhanced.

The couple revealed they are not yet 100% on a name for their baby boy, saying Maks wants something "unique." He joked that because a New York friend just had a baby and gave their own newborn one of the couple's potential names for their son, "Two Apples in the same group is going to be weird." Peta updated Terri on how the pregnancy is going after seeking relief by taking a much-needed seat at the event. "You have to still keep some standard," she said, bursting into laughter.We don’t plan on having any more children and we knew that if this baby wasn’t a boy, we would never raise a son (well a human son. We actually filmed the moment we found out the gender of our baby back when I was only 11 weeks pregnant.I did the test you can get at 10 weeks pregnant that looks at the chromosomes of your baby and tells you the gender.Even my parents have called me Ali since I was a baby.And I just find that extremely confusing when I’m filling out paperwork and setting up appointments.

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