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Also, we've seen our brothers deal with crazy women and silently vowed to never be girl. Dating a woman with an older brother ups your odds of having someone invested in you, not your trust fund. So naturally, their instincts are to judge (or punch) first, and ask questions later. You don't want to come across like a kiss-ass, nor do you want to seem too aloof.

Little sisters turn from tomboys into badass women -- so while we want to be spoiled and enjoy every moment, we don't seek the fulfillment of those things materially. And for goodness sake, DO NOT try to act all buddy-buddy when you meet the brother for the first time.

While a big brother’s advice can't prevent inevitable heartbreak, it can certainly help us navigate any situation.

We learn early to define what we want in a partner, go after it, and not tolerate BS. We're going to steal your sweaters, hoodies, T-shirts, and boxer briefs.

Sure, lots of things are fun to do with your girlfriend. And we won't guilt you for needing time with the boys.And dating a woman who grew up with an older male sibling is unlike any other relationship match-up.For those of you who are new to this game, here's what to expect when you fall for a woman who was raised by wolves -- er, brothers.Girls who grew up with big brothers know that men aren’t usually big talkers -- especially when it comes to relationships. So you don't ever have to worry about us hanging on to last week's fight for the next three months. We know that mistakes happen, too -- so you get the added benefit of our huge forgiveness reservoir.We know you're not dying to talk about your feelings, and we're good with it. Dads may be the kings of corny jokes; but big brothers help us see the humor all around us. And in doing so, we learn to find self-deprecating humor in our own behaviors and relationships. We can take a joke and we have no problem going toe-to-toe. Nadia Watson is a contributing writer for Thrillist and firm believer that all girls with older brothers know how to think like a man and be treated like royalty.

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