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Most items have red-brown clay, but some made in Austria or Australia used a different clay. Ceramano: (1959-84) Ceramano was started by Jakob Schwaderlapp, who also ran Jasba, to be a higher-end company, more like a studio than most commercial art potteries.Quality was high and production numbers relatively low.When fired, the clay becomes water resistant even without a glaze.Klinker items are often hand made and hand decoration.Most works are hand made and feature some of the earliest volcanic glazes for the era.See our Gramann for Sale Jasba: (1926-current) Started by Jakob Schwaderlapp and located in Baumbach.Well-known early decors include Cortina and Jaspatina, but the company produced a wide variety of styles, especially in the 60s.Economics forced them to stop significant art pottery production in the early 70s and survive on more utilitarian items.

E-mail Us Gramann (Topferei Römhild): Gramann, also known as Töpferei Römhild was an East German company.

We can tell Carstens from Scheurich, and we know a hawk from a handsaw no matter which way the wind is blowing. Just how companies marked the items, what clay they used, lettering style, numbering systems all varied at times.

This is only a small sample of the companies and only a few of the bases they used. Click any thumbnail to see a larger picture and read the text.

Top decors include Pergamon, Rustica, and Rubin plus rarities such as Saturn. Clay color ranges from light brown to very dark brown. Dümler & Breiden: (1883-1992) D&B was one of the many companies in the Höhr-Grenzhausen region, and they produced an enormous range of styles over the years, from very traditional to strong Pop Art. ES Keramik: (Emons & Sohne, 1921-1974) Quality of forms and decorations covered a broad range, but the good items are very good; one of the best is pitcher form 683, later released with shape number 883.

As more items are properly attributed to ES, their status continues to rise.

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