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Therefore, Ogden testified, Cochran convinced her former husband to wait one day and to commit the murder at her residence.However, Ogden said when it came time to kill Regan, Cochran. According to the detective, Cochran’s goal was to get her former husband angry enough that he would kill Regan. Ogden testified that during the police interview Cochran admitted the murder happened right in the middle of her having sexual relations with the victim.He then testified that Kelly gave that pact as the reason her former husband killed Regan in this case snd she essentially admitted to not living up to her end of the bargain.Ogden also testified that it was Cochran who called off the original plan to murder Regan at another location because it would leave a mess.Cochran faces charges related to the death of Regan, who police have said they believe was shot and killed by Cochran’s late husband after he came home to “find” Regan with her.Police say the entire “caught in the act” thing was simply a ruse and Regan was lured to the home where he was murdered.Calling Cochran to the witness stand has the potential to be quite a spectacle so make sure to stick with for all the courtroom action live.Nearly 16 months after Regan’s death, police in Indiana accused Cochran of killing her then-husband (Jason, the man police say shot Regan), and of attempting to cover up the death as though it was a heroin overdose.

However, before resting, the prosecution called one more key witness on Thursday — a detective with the Hobart Police Department who interrogated the defendant after she was eventually arrested outside of Michigan.

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Additional witnesses were called on Thursday, but none as compelling as Detective Ogden.

After the prosecutions case ended on Thursday, Cochran’s defense attorney told the court that he may very well call his client, the defendant Kelly Cochran, to the testify on the stand first thing in the morning on Friday.

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