Chicken dating

In August last year, the chef admitted he had 'lost loads' due to 'poor collaborations' with friends and the recession.

The father-of-five is thought to have lost around £90million of his fortune.

The label is used by 78,000 farmers in the UK and the farming industry says it means chicken has met ‘robust and responsible’ production standards and is traceable back to its source.

But on a recent episode of Jamie and Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast, the celebrity chef and his friend Jimmy Doherty, a farmer and TV presenter, raised questions over the ‘bottom standard’.

Jamie Oliver has risen from cooking in the kitchen of his parents' pub in Essex to being one of the most celebrated celebrity chefs in the country.

However, while his restaurants, cooking books and TV shows have seen him rake in an estimated fortune of £150million since his debut, with the Naked Chef in 1999, he has fallen on harder times of late.

She told the Sunday Telegraph: ‘There are a lot of people on tight budgets and they must not be disadvantaged in all of this.

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While footage played of chickens in a large shed, Doherty said: ‘Most of these birds never go outside and have little space to move about.

Although some barns have natural light, perches and pecking objects, this isn’t a requirement.’ Oliver, who owns dozens of restaurants, added: ‘Chickens are bred to grow fast with a high ratio of meat to bone, but this makes them heavy so they can struggle to walk...

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