Chris wetzel dating him

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The incident that landed the libidinous pair, identified as 26-year-old Ashley Wetzel and 50-year-old Henry Niblack, occurred just before pm Wednesday in the area of 3 Avenue North and Mirror Lake Drive North, not far from a St Petersburg park.

Caught with their pants down: Ashley Wetzel, 26 (left), and Henry Niblack, 50 (right), have been charged with exposure of sexual organs after the two were allegedly caught having a tryst on a city street in Florida The report, first obtained by The Smoking Gun, offers graphic details of the encounter, describing how Niblack was allegedly observed 'throwing his hips back and forth, inserting his penis into Wetzel's vagina.'Both suspects have criminal records: Wetzel has a pending case against her stemming from theft charges and a past conviction on a charge of trespassing, while Niblack's rap sheet includes charges of domestic violence, possession of marijuana and violation of injunction.

The couple, who died in a hail of gunfire at the hands of cops the same afternoon, had pledged allegiance to ISIS - although Farook had previously expressed a wish to join al Qaeda.

That night, Marquez posted a cryptic message on Facebook saying that 'it was a pleasure knowing everyone'.

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