Clustrmaps not updating

g) Another popup page will appear: Paste the code you had previously copied at step 3 above into the box labelled Content.

For convenience, we repeat steps 1-4 of the main instructions on the HTML setup page, and add more specific instructions for this case using the sub-steps shown at step 5 below. If you used a ‘Create yours’ instant-registration-setup as provided on the home page at you should already have your HTML code displayed, and you can just jump to step 3.

Now you must, using the sequence you would normally use, say, if you were about to change your blog settings or preferences or user profile information.

Do this in a separate browser window if possible, or in the same window you are currently using if that is simpler for you. You now need to alter the ‘code’ on your page where the map is going to appear.

You can also use Word Press software on your own site or on other managed sites that give you more flexibility, but require more management.

Blogs hosted at Word are normally NOT allowed to use Javascript, which is why we recommend using the ‘minimalist’ version of Clustr Maps (code option [B]) for Word

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