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And this is the part that really stokes fans' curiosities, because it's hard to know how everyone feels about the situation.From the outside, it seems shocking to hear that Tom allegedly hasn't seen Suri in over three years, as some outlets have speculated.Most mysterious is the actor's complicated relationships with his children, two adopted and one biological, from his second and third marriages, respectively.Cruise himself may be infinitely intriguing, but there are plenty of odd things going on with his kids that no one ever really talks about.

Any planned custody arrangement was not adhered to for long; in the absence of their mother, the children went to a Scientology-run summer camp, according to reports.At least, they haven't been photographed together since then.Isabella shocked the media (and reportedly some rather high-profile members of her family) by having a surprise marriage on Sept 18, 2015 to British IT worker Max Parker, after less than a year of dating, according to magazine.The fraying started with the matter of parental custody, which originally, they shared.But by 2005 they were almost exclusively under the care of Tom's side of the family, being homeschooled by his sisters, Cass and Marian, calling Katie Holmes "Mom" and on a number of occasions reportedly slighting their mother Nicole by calling her what is, in Scientology terms, just about the worst thing you could call a person: an "SP", or "Suppressive Person." Basically, if you believe the reports, the kids were spouting off Scientology-speak for in reference to their own mother, identifying her as someone they would be happy to never see again. "I'd love them to live with us, but what can you do?

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