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As a result, Wayne became reluctant to buy the items for any price, as he fears for his life, but Randy, however, was still game, chalking everything up to odd coincidences.To help calm everybody's nerves, they call in Masonic expert Christopher L. A circus freak, who was capable of eating light bulbs (which he demonstrated), stopped by to sell a taxidermied calf with two heads and five legs.While his sale drew in a lot of brides-to-be, Wayne finds out the hard way that he doesn't know a thing about selling bridal dresses.Randy notices that the security crew, including Carlos and Rogers, are not only late in opening the store, but they have become lax in their security details, leading to a television being stolen under their noses while the thief's accomplice complains over the value of a mink coat.Later, Carlos and Rogers would prove that they were serious about their employment when they confront a guitar thief, while that thief's accomplice complains about his "stolen" laptop.Randy and Wayne drive to the suburbs to visit a man who's selling everything in his "man cave", including sports memorabilia, but the price Randy and Wayne will pay will come down to a turn of a card.

Royal Pawn Shop normally doesn't sell bridal dresses, but with a bridal fair going on that weekend in Chicago, Wayne had a bright idea -- buy used bridal dresses in bulk and sell them for a profit.

And another man came to pawn his 1969 Yenko Camaro, but Randy tries to talk him into selling it instead.

Continuing from last episode, Wayne tried to get a safecracker to open the safe, but failing that, he had someone come and drill the safe open -- something that costs 0 to do, furthering Randy's anger about the situation.

Also: Randy and Wayne purchase a velvet-lined case that claimed to have come from the gangster era and once contained a Tommy Gun.

And Wayne walks away from making a deal on a hot dog cart, but when he realised that he could make a profit on it, he changes his mind -- behind Randy's back.

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