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And this could be one of the reasons she is not active on any social networking platform.

The car is stripped of paint and decals, down to bare primer -- gunmetal gray. "And going and doing some simple task becomes a problem. What people are going to think, who's going to judge me and am I going to be good enough, am I worthy? Some mornings when he wakes up, it is cold and dead.

As his 20s faded into his 30s, the mornings felt more empty. In 1998, racing at Daytona in the Busch series, he collided with Dick Trickle and went airborne backward.

He wondered through the hangovers: Why the hell am I living like this? His car barrel-rolled and bounced off Trickle's hood before landing, somehow, upright.

She is always seen with a bright, sweet smile on her face while posing for photographs.

Reimann doesn’t like to share much about her personal life with the public.

Reimann currently serves as Director of Charlotte Studio at the Micamy Design Studio.

She has successfully completely several high-end interior design projects.

When they do, it's a highlight reel of double takes. Budweiser also gave him a boxing ring, where he sparred with friends. He still won races -- 15 in his first five years as a full-time Cup driver -- but he went even harder on the off-days.

He ran three more races, jostling his brain even more with the normal pounding of life in a race car. Suddenly he couldn't walk two steps without stumbling. In his time off, he focused on shedding the side he doesn't like.

"The person I became in that little moment is the person that I always want to be," he says.

In 2012, during a test at Kansas Speedway, one of his tires blew out and he went straight into a fence at 190 mph. NASCAR, like other sports leagues, is trying to keep up. He just tried to soak in everything in his life, and his father's, that had put them in that place together. He plans to race for a couple of months, see how he feels, before he decides whether to sign up for more.

The moment just before he hit was the one time he thought he was going to die. In 2014, it started requiring baseline concussion tests for drivers before each season. "If I had any issues, I was going to find out that moment," he says. After his time off, retirement no longer feels like a distant notion.

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