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Where there are craters on Venus, they are usually bunched together indicating that a large meteor broke up as it traveled through the atmosphere and headed for Venus’s surface.

The surface of Venus in geological terms is relatively young, dating about 300 to 500 million years old.

The intensity of the color is proportional to the radar brightness.

The second map is Venus Shaded Relief, which is a topographic map that has been rendered so that it appears three-dimensional by creating shadows that would be cast if there was a light source.

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Relative generation numbers are adjusted when each processing cycle completes, so that the current generation is always referred to as relative generation 0.

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More than 1000 volcanoes, with diameters in excess of 12 miles, cover the surface of Venus.Then the processing can continue from that point For this MVS provides a facility called generation data group, GDG is a collection of two or more chronologically related versions of the same file.Each version of the file or member of the GDG, is called a generation dataset. It is generally sequential (QSAM) or direct(BDAM) file. As each processing cycle occurs a new generation of dataset is added to the generation data group.As a result, GDGs must be cataloged and each generation dataset that’s a part of the group must be cataloged too.When you create a generation data group’s catalog entry, you specify how many generations should be maintained Example: You might specify that five generations including the current generation should be maintained.

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