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Gilles De Rais, the Marquis de Sade, Countess Erzsébet Báthory, Fritz Haarmann the werewolf, etc.) One wonders how well these would fit into works such as Martin Greifs The Gay Book of Names (1982) or the series of short biographies published by Chelsea House on gays who have made significant contributions to society.When we look at the output today by Alyson Publications The Alyson Almanac, Lavender Lists (Fletcher and Saks 1990), Lesbian Lists (Richards 1990), and the superb collections by Leigh W.

I realize that I am expected to make the liberal answer, No, of course not.

Initially such homophile apologetics were seen as an important historical argument for the decriminalization and destigmatization of homosexuality.

Freud himself objected to the simplistic definition of homosexuals as sick, and asked in 1905: Should we not then have to classify many great thinkers and scholars of all ages, whose sound minds it is precisely that we admire, as sick men?

Christopher Isherwood remembers seeing in 1930 the film Gesetze der Liebe (Laws of Love) (1927), a re-make of the banned Anders als die Andern (Different from the Others), a film about the blackmail of homosexuals made in cooperation with Hirschfeld in 1919 as a plea for repealing the German law against homosexuals, in which one dream sequence shows a long procession of kings, poets, scientists, philosophers and other famous victims of homophobia moving sombrely across the screen, heads bowed, passing beneath a banner inscribed Paragraph 175. Though this last phrase defends sodomy rather than queers, the pamphleteer refers to a class of creatures and orders of being, and illustrates these by an accompanying list of famous homosexuals, from Socrates through to modern French generals.

(The Nazis destroyed all copies of the film, though a partial print was discovered in the Ukraine in 1979 (Miller 1995)). A somewhat earlier pamphlet, Les Enfans de Sodome (1790), a petition addressed to the Assemblée Nationale containing proposed Articles of Association for a Society of Sodomites, also contains a list of prominent Sodomites.

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