Dating a bahamian women

Lamar and I just came from a trip to the Bahamas where we truly had an eye opening experience.

Before this trip, our only experience in the Bahamas was a brief period onshore when our cruise ship docked there.

He has driven countless celebrities and dignitaries and has even had small parts in 3 movies. Romeo during the trip and to hear about Bahamian history and about all of his celebrity clients.

One of the highlights of my trips was our visit to the Junkanoo Museum.

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BMWK Family – Check back with us all week as we provide you with details and pictures from our amazing vacation in The Islands of the Bahamas.

You can almost feel the rhythm of the celebration as she passionately describes the history of Junkanoo.

And before you leave, she will have you shaking a cow bell or beating a drum and wishing that you too could participate in Junkanoo.

We spent several days touring the islands, getting to know the people, and learning about the rich history and customs.

It was an experience that allowed me to fall in love all over again.

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