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For April Fools' Day 2011, I put up not one but fake supposed first chapters of the Morphic sequel.

It's kind of a long story how that came about (that kind of spoils the joke chapters, by the way, so I'd suggest reading them before you read that), but the basic gist is that sometime in the wee hours of the morning of April 1st, I wrote this update, claiming that due to real-life business I'd chosen to pass on the writing of the Morphic sequel to my friend Espeon and that this was the first chapter.

Dave and Mia Discuss Nudity: In which Dave tries to convince six-year-old Mia of why people are supposed to wear clothes.

Contains swearing and a brief, vague reference to child abuse (but no, there's no descriptive nudity).

Contains swearing (lots of it, thanks to Dave's state of mind), copious consumption of alcohol, mentions of sex, discussion of death and murder, objectification of women, and kicking of puppies.interesting ideas, and a couple of mentions of murder and torture, but again there is nothing graphic.And again, it will probably make rather little sense if you haven't previously familiarized yourself with the characters involved by reading the actual fic. Swearing, discussion of gore and psychological horror, makes no sense if you haven't read the fic, etc.Rated PG-13 to R for various things detailed in the "Legal" section.A few scientists get drunk and start fiddling with gene splicing.

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