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Anyone with concerns will find so much down-to-earth advice between these pages.

This would also make a great gift for someone who you know is struggling with getting back in the scary dating game.

It's a winning combination that gives you a competitive edge that has nothing to do with looks, weight, background, finances or other self-sabotaging beliefs.

And all the tools, tips and techniques are easy to access and implement in one place – your Dating After 40: Create Your Ideal Relationship Kit. The sound psychological principles and proven relationship-building techniques you get in this Kit are based on the authors' in-the-trenches experience – both clinical as well as personal.

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She also taps into her twenty-year background as a Certified Corporate Trainer and Relationship Coach providing countless workshops for singles and couples.

These ladies have broken it down into organized and easy to read snippets that cover the gambit from sensible to sexual and everything in between.

I will definitely recommend it to all of my divorcing women clients!

Amy Sherman's expertise comes from more than twenty years in private practice specializing in relationship therapy.

She understands the insecurities, disappointments and frustrations single women experience and the ways they inadvertently sabotage their own success.

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