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Eight Days - The Mystery of Jeong-jo's Assassination (2007) 335.

Hometown Legends (2008) *100 Serie Finalizada* 505.

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Korean History Ep 15 - Kim Chunchu's Revenge (2007) 651. Come Here and Give Me a Hug (2018) *POSIBLE PROYECTO* 231. Damo: The Lady Detective Of Chosun Dynasty (2003) 267. Padam Padam The Sound of His and Her Heartbeats (2011) 959. SBS 20TH ANNIVERSARY CHANGSHA SPECIAL: 10 DRAMAS WE WANT TO SEE AGAIN (2010) 1105.

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    I really wanted him to be interested in me — not just sexually, but in a long term way. Long, delicious kissing that went on for ages — good, deep, satisfying kisses. While in the midst of this event, I had a wish for the present and a wish for the future. I did not understand how a man could kiss me with such tenderness and for so long without having feelings for me.