Dating culture and geographics

Every now and then the dawn of civilization is reenacted on a remote hilltop in southern Turkey.

The reenactors are busloads of tourists—usually Turkish, sometimes European.

The buses (white, air-conditioned, equipped with televisions) blunder over the winding, indifferently paved road to the ridge and dock like dreadnoughts before a stone portal.

Visitors flood out, fumbling with water bottles and MP3 players. Paying no attention, the visitors straggle up the hill.

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The civil war ended in 1939 and General Francisco Franco took over Spain.Today Spain is governed as a parliamentary monarchy with an executive branch made up of a chief of state (King Juan Carlos I) and a head of government (the president).Spain also has a bicameral legislative branch made up of the General Courts (made up of the Senate) and the Congress of Deputies.Madrid, located inland in the center of Spain has an average January low temperature of 37˚F (3˚C) and a July average high of 88˚F (31˚C).To learn more about Spain, visit the Geography and Maps page on Spain on this website.

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