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If you just want them to listen without offering advice, make that clear up-front.Earlier today, coworkers may park themselves near your desk like they were dropping in for a therapy session. Those conversations can suck up your entire workday, making you late for your evening tete-a-tete.Tuesday, April 3, 2018Flap those social butterfly wings, Taurus.Branching out might bring fringe benefits for your love life with today's Scorpio moon lighting up your partnership house.This makes it all about listening to your heart, focused on the 'what' rather than the 'when, where and how'.Venus, planet of love reaches a point where she is now just three weeks away from your romantic sector and the start of the most romantically charged months of the year.Time for a confessional conversation, Taurus—the truth will liberate your soul.Connect with a trusted confidante tonight, over the phone or huddled in a private corner.

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You're ready to get proactive and book the flight for this prospecting mission..hang on!

As the Moon approaches your romantic sector the work/life balance reminders over the last few days make sense.

Especially as it was an opposition between the Moon and Venus, planet of love that triggered them.

As you move into some auspicious days for communication on the relationship front, there is also a chance to make work/life balance a priority.

While there are no relationship challenges this year or no demands from the relationship gods, having the communication lines open is still important.

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