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The 90-s of the 20th century in Russia are called "turbulent" - because of the unprecedented orgy of crime after the Soviet Union collapse.

Criminal gangs controlled whole cities, and the most diverse spheres of activity, and their showdowns turned into full-scale wars with dozens of victims.

The first capital the criminals made by providing criminal protection to local thimble-riggers.

Soon the gang has mastered the broader business activities: fraud in the sale of vehicles and racketeering, after which the elephants have switched to seizing enterprises.

Vorobey, who was on the wanted list since 1997, was arrested only in January 2016 in St.

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The structure of the OCG included the local residents of the village Biokombinat.Basmach created the gang that kept the whole village at bay – from the police to the officials.The Shchelkovskaya was notorious in the criminal world for its cruelty.The Shchelkovskaya gained fame for a series of murders committed.According to investigators, there are at least 60 deaths of businessmen, gangsters and their own associates on their account.

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