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Send "by registered mail" OR FAX the following document to the prosecutor requesting disclosure of the evidence against you. Note: Do not include your phone number otherwise they will just call you and ask you to go pick up your disclosure request.

Its better to let the prosecutor handle all the paper work in mailing the entire disclosure requests back to you.

The event is open to anyone interested in being part of this policy/law reform discussion.

We welcome members of Community Living Ontario, students and faculty of Ryerson University and all others who support community inclusion, including people who have a disability, family members, volunteers, service providers, policy makers, etc.

Here is an example notice of trial that you will eventually receive Contact the court to obtain the Address/fax info for the prosecutor's office.

If you have a month or less before your trial begins, then you should focus on submitting an application to stay your trial due to Improper Disclosure.

If everything in disclosure looks satisfactory, then you will need to spend some time preparing a defence to your charge.

The financial penalties can be severe if you pay the fine, plead guilty to a lesser fine, or are found guilty after a trial.

Most people also believe that once they have received a traffic ticket, means they are guilty, but you're not.

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