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Construction-wise, this new Anniversary model is very similar to the original Acousticaster: a mainly hollow chambered body with cedar top that, here, is faced with a rather fetching koa veneer.The thin top is braced like an acoustic, but the difference is in the form of the 18 tuned metal 'tines', or prongs, that stick out from a spruce brace placed under the acoustic-like pin bridge.Two smaller rotaries at the top of the panel operate treble and bass EQ for the magnetic neck pickup.Then we have two (unlabelled) jack outputs: output 1, furthest from the base strap button, is the regular magnetic out; output 2 is a mono mix of the piezo and magnetic signals.Pickup-wise, we have an under- saddle piezo pickup and, new to the Acousticaster, a neck-placed mini-humbucker.This is an electro-acoustic that wants to reach out for lower volume electric duties, too.This duality is easily handled via the control panel - which also acts as a series of soundholes.

That first sound is very inspiring; a lot of songs are born out of that.

During one of our big rows, I took the guitar and I demolished it.

I took it by the neck and I banged it against the wall until there was nothing left.

All of our guitars are thoroughly checked over and carefully packaged by our dedicated team of music-loving staff, and are sent out the same day they are ordered, with fast and trackable delivery.

Despite starting to build Norman guitars in 1973, it wasn't until 1987 that Robert Godin launched his first own-brand instrument: a thinline Telecaster-shaped electro-acoustic with an 'internal harp': the Acousticaster.

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