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In order to avoid misunderstandings, it is advisable that the agent verifies the formal documents before remittance to the customs officer and is present on board when the Master meets with the customs officers.

The marine Quaternary Basin in Mauritania corresponds to a large gulf covering a 600×200 km area.

On the basis of C radiometric measurements, the deposits were initially attributed to the relative warming during isotopic stage 3, and were named Inchirian.

As Senegal used to be a French colony, the country is still popular with French tourists, many of whom spend their vacations in coastal regions.Although a majority of the Senegalese population belongs to the Wolof ethnic group, many other ethnicities are present today, including the Fula, Toucouleur and Serer.Senegal has a rich and varied culture dating back centuries.In a recent case, a Gard Member’s vessel was fined EUR 100,000 for failure to properly declare a quantity of “used lube oil”.According to the attending customs officer, a difference was noted between the amount of lube oil stated in the official customs declaration and in an attached “Lubricants Declaration” stamped and signed by the Chief Engineer.

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