Dating is she interested signs

If she is also asking you lots of questions, listening to your answers, and being open about herself, then everything points to her feeling comfortable in your company which is also great news for you.

You shouldn’t be expecting anything too physical on your first date, but if you get a goodnight kiss and a promise to see you soon, then you can certainly be confident that the date has gone well and that there will be more dates in the future.

In some respects, this makes things easier, because approaching a girl in a bar might be an unwelcome approach, but if you are contacting someone on a dating website you at least know that they are available and looking for love.

Where it gets harder is if you come across someone that you do like, but you can’t work out whether your feelings are reciprocated or not.

If you do arrange to meet, then you should find out a lot more about how much she likes you by the end of your first date.

The whole point of online dating is that there’s a big pool of people who, just like you, are hoping to find that special someone.

If she tells you she isn’t ready to meet yet, but would like to get to know each other online a bit better first, then there’s still a chance she does like you, but just wants to take it slowly.

If you genuinely like this woman, then it’s worth being patient and asking again a little further down the line.

If she maintains good eye contact while you are talking, then that’s a really positive signal.

Also, if she tends to lean forward while you are talking this suggest she really is interested in what you are saying and this is another good sign.

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