Dating men with aspergers tag and dating site

Basically she’s often unhappy with me, and with our situation in life – and I struggle to see why sometimes.I think objectively we’re successful, more so than most people we know and I find life full of reasons to be happy. It seems like your partner is two completely different people. Your partner finds faults with your friends or makes you feel bad or uncomfortable about any time you spend with other people. You want to believe that this is possible, but the cycle keeps repeating and each time your self-esteem is chipped away at, bit by bit. He might hit or kick your dog whenever he comes over.

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If a teacher fails them, or a coworker says something bad about them, they feel entitled to revenge.

I’ve never in my life had anyone suggest I had Asperger’s before. I think a lot of how clinicians diagnose is based on what they know more about, and what they are familiar with in their practice.

We are human, with all the related unconscious biases.

So it was a complete surprise to me when our therapist suggested during our 3rd session that I might have Asperger’s Syndrome.

I wouldn’t have been shocked if NPD or even Anti-social personality disorder was suggested, although I think I mostly keep a tight rein on my more negative personality traits as an adult.

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