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How far does this tribe "exclude" the non-tribal-member spouses?

Well, let me put it this way: no matter how many kids you have with a tribal member of this tribe, they still won't let you into certain things/ events that tribal members get to participate.

This is called "exogamous", in that they allow outside marriage.

Those that allow marriage only within their tribe, thus as posted before me, are marrying their relatives (endogamous).

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Recently, since the 2010 Census data has started to trickle out, there has been some discussion about the interracial marriage rates among various ethnic groups.

The NYtimes has a chart that shows Native have the highest rate of intermarriage, and they also recently published an article that quoted statistics showing Natives as most likely to identify as more than one race.

I’ve written before about blood quantum, and some of the issues surrounding tribal membership and identifying as Native.

I also allude, often, to my own identity struggles of being really mixed and coming from a suburban environment.

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