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The band had been playing together for six months when they had their first recording session with Kramer at Noise NY, New York in July 1991 and recorded fourteen songs over the course of three hours, "only doing second takes here and there, we didn't even go to the mixing board".

” The sweaty mass’s mindless, machine-gun-funk and JSBX Jones’ satiated, we turn from Simins: shouter/noisemaker to Simins: singer/songwriter.

Some of the folksier tunes are iffy – ‘Everything Falls Apart’ smells vaguely of Hootie & The Blowfish – but when Simins plays the triumphantly earnest ‘Comfortable Place’, he shows off a skill Jon Spencer has never had: subtlety. Simins is still clearly more confident banging the drums than manning a guitar up front.

Luckily, the fetching singer, Amanda offsets the awkwardness, playing a shimmying Cher to his sappy Sonny for the hip-hop-headed tete-a-tete, ‘Scope’.

This was an unofficial album issued by "Pubic Pop Can", at some point between late 1991 and early 1992, in an edition of 500 or 1000 copies (the figure varies between sources).

It has been suggested that the source of the bootleg was a dubbed copy of a cassette that Jon Spencer let somebody copy during a tour with the Gibson Bros. The front cover image on the album is a negative of Clarence Thomas, his wife, and George Bush at Thomas' swearing in ceremony for the Supreme Court on October 19, 1991, with the title and artist written in a typewriter style font.

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