Dating ruger pistols

- Bill Schwab is a northeastern Pennsylvania gun writer who has been a gunsmith, reloader, store gun show dealer, collector, and even a Remington employee.His main interest is in 20th century sporting arms, and his site has all sorts of articles and insights. - The most respected name in the antique arms business.

Great for identification and history of these interesting and often affordable collector arms. Has detailed photos to identify M1 carbine buttplate makers that are big enough to be useful, only place I have found these.

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If you like guns, you should be moving anyway and escape from la-la land.) Nice Australian site with extensive offering of items, also fake plastic pistols, real guns that have been welded to be inoperable, all the sort of nonsense that the anti-gunners would like to impose on U. -Their annual May gun show is the BESST DISPLAY show in the country, even better than Baltimore.

The sales part of the Denver show is second only to Baltimore in terms of selection and variety.

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