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After becoming aware that it was running out of words beginning with the needed three letters, New York introduced the LLN-NNNN format in 1930 with all the other cities following suit in 1947–48.How we did it Everything associated with a telephone (from telephone sets to stations) came to Russia from the West. opened its first Russian telephone station in 1893 in Kiev.Afterwards the subscriber shall clearly pronounce the number to which he wishes to be connected”.How they call In today’s Russia no telephones with Russian letters are produced.In 1920 Sovnarkom (the Council of People’s Commissars) decreed that all telephone sets be seized from private individuals owing to a dire shortage of numbers.Automatic dialing was possible with a rotary dial telephone set.Prior telephone models were directly connected to the operator or had a magneto (a rotating handle on the right hand side spinning which you also connected to the telephone girl). They were only installed in high-ranking officials’ offices (200 lines in the Kremlin and 20 lines in the Russian Council of People’s Economy).This sort of a telephone set was called “vertushka” (“whizzer”).

All American telephones have letters standing beside numerals.To reach a person beyond city bounds by phone, you would normally have to tell the operator the name of the city and a number.A telephone call used to be pre-ordered, which took some waiting.At that time numbers like L-NN-NN (one letter, four numerals) were pretty common.Later an automatic telephone switch came into use that had two-letter indices.

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