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A serious game concept to present the nutritionist job to teenagers.

The game is a parody of Super Mario Bros., as the player need to collect foodstufs instead of coins.

You can control Kim Dot Com and his colleagues in order to try to build a flourishing file sharing website.

You can build server all around the world in order to earn money, but be careful not to draw the FBI attention on you...

You must earn money by reducing your staff wages, without being featured in the news. In order to reach your financial goals, will you be able to produce a journal of high quality, or will you fall down into dangerous gossips like the ones who killed "News of the World"?

While you were seeking to download some files from the famous Megaupload website, you realize it has been seized by the FBI.

So the best solution is to take money where there is money: in the central bank of Europe.

You'll have to face loads of hazards (team management, logic, ressource collection...) through your quest to become a real engineer, so you can save the fantasy world of Engineeland ! You are an engineer who have to complete a project, from team management to final presentation.

You are casted as the dictator, who must try to stay in command as long as possible before being forced to escape by the people...

A game designed to talk about the french "Hadopi" law, which aims to prevent illegal downloads over the Internet.

You play as a victim who must try to survive, and ideally leave the city. A Serious Game dealing with the "Mediator" drug scandal that took place in France.

You are playing as a journalist who investigates inside a very strange laboratory.

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