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Gong Fu Cha is as much about escaping the pressures of life for a few moments as it is about enjoying every drop of tea. In the late 1990’s there were relatively few tea manufacturers. Unfortunately the number of tea growers has not increased at the same rate, so there is a lot of second rate product on the market.The first thing a Westerner will notice is the teacups are very small. In some large tea shops, tea is marketed and retailed much like any other product and many people working there have little training about what makes high grade tea.In this way it is possible to get the maximum flavour consistently from the maximum number of brews that a tea can make.It is not a ceremony as with the well known Japanese Cha No Yu tradition with all its symbolism, but a procedure of practical steps where everything involved has a functional purpose to make a tea taste as good as possible. The Quality and Type Of Teapot At a more advanced level, add: Selecting a Teapot Advanced Brewing Technique Quality of Water Seasoning a New Teapot Quality Of The Tea As the economy of China has grown, so has its tea industry.If you have a favourite tea that you serve often to many guests, consider getting a larger teapot for that tea.Now that you have determined the size of teapot you need, you have also established another variable; the amount of water you will be using to make tea.You can even ask them to follow the same brew times you use.

They were surprised to learn that this is how most Chinese drink tea as well!

This approach to tea-making with such attention to detail and savouring every drop is different from western notions, but as an art that has been perfected over many hundreds of years, the result is a relaxing and enjoyable environment alone or with friends and tea that tastes better than you’ve ever tasted before. They simply have, like any other retail store, products that range in price from low to high.

With many Chinese tea shops now opening and with wide access to the internet, tea knowledge, good quality tea and tea accessories are more widely available than ever before, so anyone from anywhere can learn this ancient skill with just a little practice! At the basic level, there are 5 variables involved: 1. From a store’s perspective, the most expensive tea is “high grade tea”.

Once you have identified the tea you are using, you will be able to determine how many tea-scoops to use for size of your teapot.

The amounts shown are approximate and in time, you will be more comfortable adjusting these to suit your own taste.

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