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After the clock struck 12, signalling the end of Monday, Gary ripped off Ji Hyo's nametag. After Ji Hyo rolled the dice saving herself from elimination, she jumped and hugged Gary which turned out to be one of their most popular MC moments.

Ji Hyo saw a bunch of girls around Gary and inviting him to whatever it is they were inviting him to, Ji Hyo barged in and asked everyone to step aside saying "It is Monday.Song Joong Ki continue to pursue the love triangle when he recreated the Titanic moment with Ji Hyo. Later, in the nametag ripping game, Gary let go of Ji Hyo again after she agreed to make their own version of the Titanic moment.Ha Ha coerced Gary into helping Jong Kook, the lone hunter that night, since they already have Running Man balls. When Ji Hyo learned of it, she said it's the end of Monday Couple. During the Christmas shopping game, Haha left claiming he needs to go to the restroom.Ji Hyo and Joong Ki betrayed Yoo Jae Suk to join Jong Kook's team.Gary, who initially only wanted to join a team that Ji Hyo was going to join, was forced by Yoo Jae Suk to be in their team.

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