Dating the quatrain of nostradamus

Narendra Modi in between will raise himself as a national figure, not only because he is an iron man, but also because he has made of his state a model of economic efficiency.

In 2009 AD, Advani will announce that if his party is elected, MM Joshi will be made External Affairs Minister and Narendra Modi, Home Minister. The BJP will also make it known that it will build the Ram Mandir, protect temples, stop conversions and keep Kashmir for India.

Eventually, Vajpayee will no longer have an active life, Advani will persist and Narendra Modi will be emerging.

Mr Advani will oppose Narendra Modi as BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate, but still the BJP will win the elections.

Nostradamus goes on to explain why these changes are: “Under the BJP’s leadership, Indians will worship again their country as Mother India and Sri Aurobindo’s words will echo: “India of the ages is not dead nor has She spoken Her last creative word.

And that which She must seek now to awake, is not an anglicized oriental people, doomed to repeat the cycle of the Occident’s success and failure, but still the ancient immemorial Shakti recovering Her deepest self ”.

The allies of the BJP will be deserting the boat as they think (the Congress) will win.

MM Joshi, who hoisted the Indian flag in Srinagar, will be his number two.

The latter may be more prone to believing doubters who weave their yarn.

An Account Appearing on Monday, April 6, 2009 Michel de Nostre-Dame, better known as Nostradamus (1503-1566), was a famous French astrologer whose predictions, which included the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, have proved infallibly accurate.

Hence all persecuted people throughout the ages, will always find refuge in India, where they will practice their religion in peace.

The BJP will have three pillars: AB Vajpayee, LK Advani and Narendra Modi.

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