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and in accordance with who has called out, who hasn’t showed up, what foot traffic is expected, and how experienced the other waiters and waitresses will be during the shift.Without a set time and set routine, irregular shifts make an already tiring job more tiring and stressful.Parrett found no significant difference in the amount male customers tipped attractive vs. But “female customers tip attractive female servers approximately 3.01 percentage points more on a percentage tip basis.”The results defy some of the basic tenets of evolutionary psychology, which—based on its theories of sexual competition—suggest attractive women would receive bigger tips from men (who are trying to impress them) and smaller ones from women (who might be a bit jealous, or possessive of their apparently enamored mate). His results suggest those who fail to meet the resultant expectations miss out on the beauty premium, as “attractive bad servers do not earn more than unattractive bad servers.”That said, he finds the most likely explanation is that “Restaurant customers have a taste for attractive servers over unattractive servers and thus, tip them more.”In other words, we simply like being around beautiful people, and the resultant good feelings lead us to be a bit more generous when it’s time to tip.staff writer Tom Jacobs, who scours the psychological-research journals to discover new insights into human behavior, ranging from the origins of our political beliefs to the cultivation of creativity.Adjusting your pants, getting teary eyed, mouthing off or making a face, tripping or slipping are all recorded, and sometimes watched and replayed by the staff.What was supposed to be installed to protect the owners from theft and fraud is instead turned into a venue of entertainment and sometimes harassment.Everyone is tired, everyone is stressed, and no-one chose to be a career waiter or waitress.Bringing your problems to work, or making a problem at work, costs money in tips.

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Unless I actually see someone spit in my water, I have a hard time getting irate.So as a considerate co-worker you keep your troubles to yourself.Enabling each other to make tips and work fast is real help.While this is great for the dining hoards, you (with cash in your wallet) are sometimes walking to your car alone and in the dark, presenting yourself as a tempting target.It’s always best to have a buddy, but sometimes no-one is available.

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    One of the long-lasting relationship tips Jung Kyung Ho shared is that he’s careful not to let arguments evolve into fights.