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In the story of Ruth, we see God grafting Ruth into his family tree through Boaz. God used the poor choices of a God-fearing family that led them away from him to lead a Moabite woman to faith.Not only did God welcome Ruth into a God-fearing family, but he made her an ancestor of Jesus Christ. He has adopted us into his family and grafted us onto his family tree (Rom. For God’s goal is not to condemn us but to save us through Christ.What they really needed was a male relative to step up and protect them as members of his extended family. In Boaz, that’s exactly what God had provided for Ruth and Naomi.As one of their closest relatives, he could fulfill the role of kinsman-redeemer (Ruth ).Just as Boaz made a legal transaction in order to acquire land and people to be his very own, Jesus bought us to be his very own through his death and resurrection.And just as Boaz was willing to take in an outsider who was not a part of God’s covenant family, so Jesus has taken in many of us Gentile outsiders and adopted us to be a part of his eternal family.

-12; 25); God’s people chose to worship the Canaanite god Baal and to do whatever they pleased. Bethlehem, which means “house of bread,” had no bread.

Temporarily then, Naomi and Ruth would have all the food they needed.

But that food would eventually run out, and once again they would be hungry and destitute.

They did this in spite of God’s warning that when they abandoned him for other gods, their fields would be cursed, their crops would fail, and there would be famine in the land (Deut. The famine that plagued the Israelites wasn’t just a lack of rain.

It was God’s judgment on them—a form of tough love in an attempt to get them to return to God.

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