Datingpoint ch test

Please note that invite codes are not issued to players, and it is impossible to get them on any sites.Sometimes, when there is need for a mass test, servers are opened up to all players. Remember that rank, score and crystals earned on test servers will never appear on the main servers.

Please be aware that although the HTML5 specification is now an official recommendation, other specifications that are being tested are still in development and could change before receiving an official status.

Data is sent securely over HTTPS and will only be made available in anonymized, aggregate form, eg to show how a certain ISP compares relative to others.

If you wish to opt out of this data collection, pass on the command line when starting Twitch Test.

Quality: This is a metric which tries to measure the overall stability / quality of the connection based on the rate at which data was sent and the number of re-transmitted packets.

It's measured out of 100, and a quality rating of 80 or higher is recommended for a stable stream.

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