Delphi dbgrid row cannot be located for updating dell2016 dating

You can't prevent this upgrade, because MDAC is installed with such commonly used software as Internet Explorer.Add to this the fact that Microsoft supports only the current release of MDAC and the release before it, and you are arrive at this conclusion: Applications must be designed to work with the current release of MDAC or the release before it.It is impossible to reliably list all available OLE DB providers, because the list is so large and changes constantly.In addition to independent third parties, you should consider most database vendors, because the majority now supply their own OLE DB providers.However, this path bypasses Delphi's database infrastructure and ensures that you are unable to make use of other Delphi technologies such as the data-aware controls or Data Snap.This chapter uses db Go for all of its examples, not only because it is readily available and supported but also because it is a very viable solution.

The MDAC SDK is your bible: Download it, consult it regularly, and use it to answer your ADO questions. The idea is to use a single API that applications can use to interact with many different sources of data.The use of such an API would release developers from dependence on a single database engine and allow them to adapt to the world's changing demands.Vendors have produced many solutions to this goal, the two most notable early solutions being Microsoft's Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) and Borland's Integrated Database Application Programming Interface (IDAPI), more commonly known as the Borland Database Engine (BDE).Microsoft started to replace ODBC with OLE DB in the mid-1990s with the success of the Component Object Model (COM).

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