Disaster movie im dating matt damon lyrics

Amy Winehouse sings that she’s fucking Jessica Simpson. Prince Caspian sings that he “fucks the kids from high school”, by which he means, the kids from the High School Musical parody.

Jessica Simpson sings that she’s fucking Carmen Electra. We’re back in the HSM parody now, and Will-Zac returns to sing that he’s fucking Oprah.

Stay tuned for more Razzie Contenders, coming soon!

Beowulf talks about how he and his “partner” Paul opened up an “antique shop”. Calvin’s stunt double fights the panda, and this part seriously never ends.Cut to the Hulk, who confirms that he’s fucking Hellboy.Then the Hulk sings that he’s fucking Iron Man (like we didn’t already know know that). And then the Prince, who’s also dancing with his double, reveals that he’s fucking Wolf, the American Gladiator.Vanessa says this is the reason for all the earthquakes and disasters and such, and once they return the skull to the altar, all will return to normal. Well, that puts her one step ahead of the directors, anyway.While Will and Vanessa return the skull to the altar, the Princess and Calvin try to escape the museum.

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