Docotrs dating and courtship

Not only that but the trend is still on the rise - it is estimated that the number of agencies is doubling every year!

For those of us who imagine that our partners will be sourced from more traditional groups - a childhood sweetheart, a colleague from work, or at least some girl we picked up at a bar - the notion of marrying someone on the back of a few letters and one Aeroflot flight seems a little crazy, if not downright dangerous.

However if the demand for Russian Brides is high, then the supply is greater still - thousands upon thousands of women from all over the former Soviet Union are signing up, in the desperate hope of being bestowed with this dubious moniker!

Why are these ordinary women so eager to give up their whole life to move abroad and marry someone they barely know? Cynics of course will say 'money' and there are certainly no shortage of 'scammers' and gold-diggers queuing up to take advantage of gullible Americans (one gentleman has already died in suspicious circumstance after finding his perfect Ukrainian bride!

You have no freaking idea how feminocentric is Russian dating and marriage culture, and how a big bunch of responsibilities you have in Russia as a guy just because "You are a boy, she is a girl!

" You, as a Russian guy, need not only to have the looks, but also money, to marry a 'decent' girl, so many average girls just prefer marrying a greencard to marrying a guy from poor family.

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Type the magic words into Google and you will find the names of literally hundreds of dating agencies appear, all promising to match lonely Western guys with beautiful blushing brides from the former Soviet States.Gold-digging is part of our culture these years to a great extent, and with behaviour of young women it is especially well seen.There is hardly a more materialistic person in Europe than a Russian, Ukrainian woman.If you're searching for your own Russian Brides you might want to check out our drinks sections for some suggestions on where to find her... I am fed up with reading that as a Russian male person, you are supposed to be an "alcoholic who mistreats, beats, and cheats on their partner".Or if the girls in the capital are proving a hard nut to crack why not take a trip to Saint Petersburg? Wives beat their husbands all the time in Russia, and it seems to be more than fine with both the public and the government.

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